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Instructions for cleaning stainless steel

04 Tháng 12, 2023

👍 👍 👍Instructions for cleaning stainless steel
To maintain the original characteristics of stainless steel, which is shiny and rust-free, it is necessary to clean stainless steel periodically.
👉Use clean towels and clean water to clean dirt.
👉For long-term stains (cement dust...), use stone powder combined with a clean towel and dry the stainless steel product. (limit the use of well water)
👉Do not use chemicals or concentrated detergents to clean stainless steel. Causes surface corrosion, yellowing... on stainless steel surface. If accidentally dropped on the stainless steel surface, clean thoroughly with clean water and dry.
👉For stains caused by chemicals, dirt (PU wood paint, house paint...) causing stains or dirt on the product, polish the product as soon as possible to avoid corrosion (Support processing) .
??? Can stainless steel rust???
🤔Stainless steel can rust because we use detergents containing hydrochloric acid to clean the product.
🤔Due to installing the product in a construction area.
🤔Due to installing the product in an area that uses daily water that contains sediment.
🤔 Due to installing the product in a place covered by salty air.
💪 💪 💪 Clean regularly to keep stainless steel products shiny and durable.

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