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4 methods to distinguish INOX 304 and 201

04 Tháng 12, 2023

💡 💡 💡  4 methods to distinguish stainless steel 304 and 201 ❓

To distinguish between 304 stainless steel and 201 stainless steel, Hoang Vu Stainless Steel would like to guide you through 4 methods as follows:
👉 Recognition through brand recognition: recognition through the specified packaging colors of each company, logos, labels attached to the product (how to recognize branded products).
👉 Identify through Stainless Steel reagents: each type of Stainless Steel has a different chemical composition, so when using reagents specifically for Stainless Steel, there will be different colors. The displayed color will be regulated according to the packaging on the drug. try to differentiate.
(For example: drop battery water solution on stainless steel, use a 9v battery with the positive pole touching the stainless steel and the negative pole touching the solution. Wait 3 seconds for the solution to turn red as 201 while with 304 it will not change color).
👉 Identify through sparks of grinding: Use a hand-held cutter to grind the product, recognize through sparks to distinguish types of stainless steel. (Stainless steel 201 will have bright sparks and thick beams while 304 will have dark red sparks and fewer beams).
👉 Identify by chemical composition: bring stainless steel to composition testing centers and wait for the results (Sus 304 has 8% Nickel - 18% Chromium).
⚠️⚠️⚠️Note: Do not use magnets to distinguish stainless steel once the product has been formed. When shaping stainless steel products with corners, magnets will be generated, so identifying them through magnets is an inaccurate test.
🎉🎉🎉 Magnetism is generated during the process of processing and shaping products. Magnetism does not affect the quality of stainless steel products

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