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29 Tháng 01, 2024

💐️🎈On the evening of January 24, 2024, Hoang Vu Stainless Steel Group organized the "Customer Appreciation Conference in the Northern Region 2023" to thank you for your cooperation, trust and support of distributors have been devoted to us throughout the past time.

🍀The conference is an opportunity for Hoang Vu Stainless Steel and our Agents and Distributors to look back on a business year that has gone through many fluctuations in the economy, difficult and challenging journeys. Reflect on the successes achieved and together share and exchange new plans and upcoming goals.

🎉️🎊️🎁At the event, Hoang Vu Stainless Steel honored and awarded certificates and gifts to "TOP 10 distributors with the largest sales volume in 2023 in the Northern region". Besides, the joy was multiplied when many customers won lucky prizes with many valuable and meaningful gifts.

💞💞We always keep in mind that your success is the joy, the goal, and the important motivation to help Hoang Vu Inox continuously develop and improve. We will always be a trusted companion, contributing to the success and development of each customer.

🎇🌸Wish you a new year 2024 with lots of LUCK, PROSPERITY & SUCCESS!



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